Our Vision

Empowering under-served people through self-sustaining, Christ-centered, humanitarian outreach.

Our Mission

Our organization helps thousands of people locally and those suffering in poverty around the world. Beyond the distribution of material goods, Helping Hands works to build community centers that provide stability for the surrounding areas. These centers serve as adult skill centers (Oasis Centers), providing a place to learn new skills, empowerment, hope, and spiritual renewal to women and children.

Our Philosophy

Helping Hands Ministries International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on making a difference in our local communities as well as the nation of Peru. We accomplish our mission through the sale of donated goods at Thrift Stores located in Bothell, Clearview and Lake Stevens; and through valued partners (supporters) who believe in the Helping Hands mission.

Our History

Helping Hands Ministry International began in 1992 with nothing but love and a small building located in Mill Creek, Washington, in the United States.

Vance Field, founder of Helping Hands – along with his wife, Faith, served as missionaries in Peru for 17 years. As much as they loved working with the Peruvian people, health issues forced them to return to the United States in 1991. In his new line of work as a licensed realtor, Vance spotted an old wood-framed building on the Bothell-Everett Highway that was offered for lease. Recalling the scarcity of basic life necessities in Peru and seeing the abundance of still-useful items pouring in the United States landfills, Vance had a big vision for the humble little structure.

With his family and an early band of supporters, Helping Hands Ministries International was founded and the first Helping Hands Thrift Store opened its doors. This store, located in Bothell, Washington serves as a collection point for donated goods that are sold to help in the funding of projects in Peru. Helping Hands has since opened more stores which also serve as collection points.

Our growing ministry has helped thousands of people suffering in poverty around the world.  Beyond the mere distribution of material goods, Helping Hands has converted several small vacant lots in Peru into community centers — each serving as an “oasis” of physical comfort and spiritual renewal to the women and children who enter our doors.

For example, since it was founded, Helping Hands has provided:

  • Hundreds of bicycles along with maintenance instruction to Peruvian youth, giving them the pride of personal accomplishment.
  • Hundreds of sewing machines along with sewing instruction and supplies to Peruvian women, helping them to support their families.
  • Instruction in computer repair and maintenance to Peruvian youth — making it possible to start school-based computer classes with refurbished machines.

Because of our founder’s personal knowledge of Peru, Helping Hands has delivered most of the items it has collected to coastal urban areas of this Andean country where millions live in poverty.

As well as networking with more than 1,400 Peruvian social service and faith-based agencies, we have assisted in the shipment of goods to the Philippines, Fiji, Togo, and Uganda and locally to victims of Hurricane Katrina and the Oso landslide.

Peru: Love in Action (Amor en Acción)

Through our current programs we provide:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • After School Tutoring
  • Medical and Dental Services
  • Clean Potable Water
  • Family Services
  • Meals for children
  • Social Services
  • Parenting Classes
  • Counseling
  • Community Support
  • Adult Skills Training

Locally: Serving Our Community

In the greater Seattle area we provide:

  • Thrift Stores
  • Disaster Relief
  • Benevolence Gift Cards
  • A Donation Center
  • Community Partnerships
  • A Recycling Center

Globally: Supporting Others In Ministry

Beyond Peru we provide the following services:

  • Custom Shipping
  • Container Shipment for churches and social service agencies
  • Disaster Relief

Training: Oasis Centers

While the three- to five-year-old children are at school their mothers have the opportunity to learn a new professional skill.  Our seven Oasis Centers, located in the greater Trujillo area, offer training to mothers and women of the neighborhood two to three days a week. They learn how to sew on sewing machines provided by our US thrift stores.  This ministry sometimes happens within a church or within an evangelizing growth cell that restores the hearts or those living in marginalized urban areas. In 2017 we plan to open three more adult skill centers.

Education: Preschool and After-School Programs at Amor en Acción Community Center

There are approximately seventy-five students enrolled at the Amor en Acción Preschool. The school ministry started in 2013 and is run by faith-centered licensed professional teachers with elementary education university degrees who are also very involved at their churches. Morning classes serve this age group. Three afternoons per week around seventy primary students attend classes and are fed at the subsidized school.

Social and Family Services

Amor en Acción took advantage of an existing water well at the Victor Raul School and with the assistance of several US and Peru Rotary Clubs and Water Missions Peru installed a clean-water treatment pump.  It was inaugurated in 2016 and provides much-needed potable water for the community of Victor Raul.

Ministry Guesthouse

The guesthouse Casa de Huespedes run by Amor en Acción, is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long hot day in and around Trujillo, Peru. The Casa can accommodate up to fifty persons in a variety of room groupings. Casa de Huespedes is located in the beautiful neighborhood of El Bosque (the forest). Upon arriving you will be greeted by Maria and she will ensure you are welcomed, shown to your room and rest comfortably. Along with each room that has a private bathroom, laundry service and a delicious daily Peruvian breakfast are provided. If your group would like to request additional meals or other services, Maria Alcántara is always happy to assist you.  Please check us on Facebook. #welovemaria

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