What to expect on a Mission trip to Peru


  • We will be arriving in the dead of winter, but don’t fear the weather will still be nice.  The temps should be in the low 70’s with plenty of sunshine (so it often feels much warmer) and dropping to the mid 60’s at night.  Rain is extremely rare.


  • Peruvian food contains lots of protein (fish, chicken, pork, beef) usually sitting atop either potato or rice.  Most people find the food to be absolutely wonderful.  For those trying to eat healthy, the biggest concern is the carbs and high sugar drinks.  We do need to watch out for vegetables that have washed in water; so we stay away from vegetables like lettuces.
  • The water is not drinkable, this means that we also need to be careful about using ice.  In general, assume that ice is something you should stay away from.  Most places will have options of bottled water, Inca Cola, or coca cola.
  • Warning:  If you have shellfish allergies, please let us know and bring any needed medication as shellfish is a key component of many meals.


  • We will be staying in our guest house in Trujillo.
  • The guest house contains a number of amenities, including: hair dryers and straighteners, soap, WiFi, printer, 2 kitchens.
  • The guest house has a Bothell Phone number (425) 939-0736 that is available for guests to use.
  • Within walking distance are a number of small restaurants, mini-pharmacies, and corner stores.

Shopping – Shoes; Bags; Silver / Jewelry; Leather

  • Trujillo is known for the production of shoes and silver jewelry.  We will go to a shoe “mall” which is a great place to pick up shoes, hand bags, and other items.  Most shoes are very high quality and only $20-$30.  Silver jewelry is very high quality and inexpensive and makes for a great gift buying opportunities.  We will have a number of shopping opportunities and if you have any special requests we can make that happen.


  • Trujillo is a relatively safe city, but has had problems with violence mainly at night and on the outskirts of the city.  We may travel to a few areas that are unsafe after dark, but will always be out before the sun goes down.
  • The guest house is located in a relatively safe area, but a few basic guidelines help increase personal safety.  Women should avoid going out alone after sunset, going out in groups is always safer.  We only take reputable taxi companies and avoid taxies that may present a safety issue.

What to bring

  • Your passport – don’t forget this.
  • You Bible.
  • Money – it’s not necessary, but there are shopping opportunities that you might want to take advantage of.  I usually recommend $200-$300 depending on how much you want to buy.  You can also use your visa or debit card without a problem.
  • You might need to call your bank and let them know you will be out of the country otherwise any purchases might be declined.
  • Clothing
    • Comfortable daily clothes:  jeans, shorts, tee shirts, button up shirts, etc.
    • Light jacket / sweatshirt: the evenings cool off and a light breeze will quickly cause the temperature to drop.
    • Hat:  we will be spending time in the sun, and a hat will keep the sun off your head.
    • Swim suit:  We will be out at the beach at least once, so bring a suit in case you want to get wet.
  • Personal Hygiene items – You might want to bring your own shampoo and conditioners, anything you forget we can purchase at the local super markets.

What NOT to do

  • Don’t leave gifts or money for any of the staff or helpers in Peru.  It can create difficult personal situations which complicate the work we do.