Questions and Comments for web Developer

  1. Change beige horizontal full width band with HHMI band.  (w/ Lori) DONE
  2. Establish consistent header and h2, h3, h4, etc. title font sizes.  System header and text headers need to be same size.  Is there a direct correlation between H1, H2, etc. and font sizes? (w/ Lori)
  3. We need to select ONE or max. two fonts.  Logo has serif; most of our copy is sans serif. (w/ Lori)
  4. Place limits on all image sizes.  Images will take up the whole screen when using a laptop or desktop, which can be distracting and way out of scale.
  5. What is a good resolution for full width images?  2048, 1024, or?
  6. Rules of thumb for good resolutions for 1/4, 1/3 and 1/2 width images?
  7. Do we use Layout Settings to modify the spaces above and below the header bands?  They are OK for some banners but too tall for others.  Is this an across the board website standard, or can we override that standard in individual sections or rows?
  8. Linked to previous question, can we raise or lower the text within the band?
  9. What are Projects?  Are they pages?  Advantages or purpose?  Do we need them?
  10. How do you show all menu items in the footer (w/o mouse-over or hovering)?


  1. How to redirect old URL ( to new web address?
  2. Any issues with PayPal, etc.
  3. Once published, can I continue to edit it?
  4. How do I activate the FB, Twitter, etc. buttons?  Design and size?
  5. Review – text: check all fonts, sizes, links
  6. Review – images: image size/resolution
  7. Review – header heights (until replacing with imaged title headers)
  8. Is blue band file bg2.gif?